About Aimee

Aimee Dos Santos, LCSW, Healer

Hi there! I am a new resident of Sarasota County transplanted from New England. I am a Mom of three and a wife of almost 20 years. I am a life long learner and currently hold two masters degrees, one in Social Work, and the other in Education. I am a deep lover of art, the ocean, and a good latte. I am a writer, a prayer warrior, and lead life with my heart.

My story to me is “normal”, but everyone else seems to tell me it’s unique. I have lived between heaven and earth most of my life. This started after I died as a young child, and was sent back after being in Heaven. Ever since I have been able to hear, see, feel, things that others do not. As time has progressed I have learned how to use these abilities to serve others in their healing process.

Please note in clinical therapy I am a professional in the career for decades. I absolutely do not use faith unless formally requested by client. I have worked in a variety of settings from drug rehabilitation to schools. Often clients tell me they appreciate my out of the box thinking, interactive life “homework” I often give, and that I approach everyone with compassion.

My hope and prayer for all services provided is that they bring you peace and love.